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Procinfo displays some kernel stats and info on a running Linux system. It currently supports 2.x kernels up to and including 2.4 kernels. Some stuff will be missing if you run it on 2.6 kernels, but full support for 2.6 will hopefully be forthcoming some time in 2004, assuming that the author can get his act together.


procinfo-18.tar.gz 24k2001-03-02
procinfo-17.tar.gz 23k1999-05-16
procinfo-16.tar.gz 22k1998-12-31
procinfo-15.tar.gz 22k1998-07-04
procinfo-14.tar.gz 21k1998-05-24
procinfo-13.tar.gz 21k1998-03-07
procinfo-12.tar.gz 19k1998-01-23
procinfo-0.11.tar.gz 15k1997-05-28
procinfo-0.10.tar.gz 15k1996-09-15
procinfo-0.9.tar.gz 16k1996-04-28
procinfo-0.8.tar.gz 14k1996-01-05
procinfo-0.7.tar.gz 14k1995-11-22
procinfo-0.6.tar.gz 11k1994-11-02
procinfo-0.5.tar.gz 10k1994-08-12
procinfo-0.4.tar.gz 10k1994-05-21
procinfo-0.3.tar.gz 9k1994-05-08
procinfo-0.2.tar.gz 7k1994-03-30
procinfo-0.1.tar.gz 5k1994-03-23


A tiny tool that takes one or more directories on its command line (or the current directory if none is given) which will then be recursively searched for duplicate files.

dups.c 6k1999-02-07